Second Opinion

2020 has been a tough year for investors in financial markets. It is during times of turmoil that investors tend to start wondering whether their investments are performing satisfactorily. Is it just my investments that are suffering or is everyone in the same position?

There are various reasons why an investment portfolio performs poorly – sometimes fees are simply too high, or the level of risk is inappropriate, there may be an ad-hoc approach to selecting investments or the presence of complex products that generate excess commissions.

H Capital’s Second Opinion service will provide you with a fresh pair of eyes, so to speak, and an independent assessment of your portfolio and manager/adviser. Importantly, our report will also compare the performance of your portfolio versus a comparable peer group, selected from over 150,000 private client portfolios, to ascertain how your portfolio is performing. The outcome will be one of three: -

Ø  The return from your investments is in line with the peer group. Your investments are doing OK.

Ø  The return from your investments is ahead of most of your peers. You should be pleased.

Ø  The return from your investments is below most of your peers. The reasons for the underperformance should be investigated.

Whether you are an investor with a modest portfolio or an ultra-high net worth individual, being able to compare the performance of your investments versus those achieved by others with similar mandates is useful.

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