Our Fees

Pure financial planning advice is undertaken on an hourly fee basis, so the size of portfolio or asset base is to a large extent unimportant.
When  H Capital manages money we can and often do take on relatively small portfolios – it depends on the circumstances – but our preferred minimum portfolio size is US$1M upwards.
Platform and investment management fees are based on a sliding scale relative to the size of portfolio.

Discovery meeting:Up to 1 hour free-of-charge
Hourly fees:Up to HK$6,000 per hour
Investment Platform establishment:Up to 3% of the sum invested
Investment Management fee:Up to 1.5% p.a.
ILAS (Insurance linked Assurance Scheme) analysis:HK$3,000 per policy
CX P Fund information service:Ask for details
ETF & Stock Trading strategy:Ask for details