Investment Management

No Commissions – Fee Based Investing

When it comes to investing, understanding and controlling the risks involved is the key to success.  That is why at H Capital we spend considerable time discussing and agreeing your personal risk appetite before we even think about investing your money.

Having agreed your personal ‘risk appetite’ (it’s essential we are on the same risk page) we start by building your investment portfolio from the ground up.  Over the years we have identified several investments that typically provide a steady, predictable return with no surprises – those investments form the foundation of most client portfolios, so there are certain similarities between portfolios of course.  Then, depending on your personal situation and preferences, we build the remainder of the portfolio moving up the risk-scale as appropriate but always with the aim of controlling risk through diversification and by including assets that are non or minimally correlated. In other words, we usually include a variety of complimentary asset-classes that do not behave in the same way as one another.  One example is real estate, for instance, which does not behave in the same way as shares or bonds.

As an SFC licensed Investment Adviser and Discretionary Portfolio Manager we carry out considerable research and due-diligence both initially and ongoing to compile an internal approved preferred products / investments list which consists of investments we are comfortable to recommend and use through all client portfolios (subject to individual risk appetite) including our own portfolios – yes, we invest in the exact same investments as you!

Whether you would like to commence with a review of your existing investments, or set about investing your spare cash, the decision is yours.  Either way, we will have to get to know you better first and you will also get to know us.  We will as mentioned have to establish your objectives, timescale and risk profile before we can provide any advice.

Please refer to services – Our Fees – for details of how much this will cost.