Client Testimonials

Cornel Marais - 2020

Secondary School Curriculum Coordinator

For the past 5 years, David Bojan has taken a key role in helping me establish and grow a diverse portfolio of investments.

Cornel Marais

Secondary Division leader- Hongkong Academy

When it comes to putting your hard earned money into the hands of somebody else, you always feel a little nervous. Firstly because you don't always know enough about market yourself...

Terence Duggan

Retired Cathay Pacific Captain

David Bojan has handled our Hong Kong Orso fund for the past 4 years with care and competence, resulting in a flexible and productive diverse portfolio.

Wesley jones

Pilot - Cathay Pacific Airways

I have never spent the time needed to gain the necessary expertise to make informed decisions about my money. Somehow, I have always...

John Hammond


My background had given me a lot of experience in the "Financial sector" but I had never looked at my own financial situation until..

Kay Ross

Managing Director - Kay Ross Marketing

As a single, self-employed expat woman in Hong Kong, I really appreciate HFS's "Women's Wealth" service..

Elaine Chiu

Group Communications Manager - Paua Group Ltd

Personal finance and saving techniques have never been my strong point but it is something that has been niggling at the back of my mind for a long time...

Dr. Chris Riggs

Head of Veterinary Clinical Services - The Hong Kong Jockey Club

I respect the importance of a considered approach to personal finance and of the need to constantly monitor and adapt investment options...

Eva Scott

Retired Senior - Hong Kong Civil Servant

David Bojan of HFS Asset Management Limited has been the manager of my investment funds in Horwath since mid 2004 when I moved from Hong Kong to live in England...

Chu Cheong Kin

Supervisor - Trading Company

I picked HFS Asset Management Limited as my financial advisor in 1999 and I am glad that I have made the right choice...

Gavin Morgan

Head of Markets - Hong Kong - Jones Lang LaSalle

As the Head of Markets - Hong Kong, for Jones Lang LaSalle, my days are fully occupied and little if any time is left for managing my own financial affairs...

Andrew Powner

Managing Partner - Haldanes

As client of HFS Asset Management Limited, I have received straightforward and honest investment advice. This has included clarification of advice received from banks and other institutions...

Sonia Yao

Business Development Director, Foreign Government Investment Agency

Ofra Ou has been my financial advisor for over five years now. I was drawn to her ability to understand my investment objectives and time horizon...

Keith Hawken

Veterinary Surgeon, Animal Medical Centre

In David Bojan (and his team at HFS Asset Management Limited) I have found an Advisor who initially spent time discovering my goals, the level of risk taking that was comfortable for me and my family; and our short and longer term needs.