About Us

Our Fees

Set up a no cost, no-obligation Discovery Meeting with one of our Fiduciaries.

Thereafter, any fees will be disclosed both verbally and in writing before you choose to become a client.

For Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, and advice on investing, you will pay an hourly fee which will vary depending on your circumstances, and the quantity and complexity of the work involved. Fees can be capped within a pre-agreed limit.

Discretionary Investment Management is carried out on a fee basis, the costs for which depend on the size of the portfolio and selection of platform/nominee. Our investment management fees are charged as a percentage of the assets we manage, which means we only prosper when our clients do. That way our interests are totally aligned.

Prior to becoming a client, you will be provided with a Client Agreement document, which will outline the basis of our relationship.

[A platform provider/nominee is an independent service/firm into whose name securities or other assets are held to facilitate transactions while leaving the underlying client as the actual owner].  

Discovery meeting:Up to 1 hour free-of-charge
Hourly fees:Up to HK$6,000 per hour
Investment Account establishment:Up to 3% of the sum invested
Investment Management fee:Up to 1.5% p.a.
ILAS (Insurance linked Assurance Scheme) analysis:HK$3,000 per policy
CX P Fund service:Up to 1.5% p.a.